Pete finished in one piece!

Here comes the proverbial, 'I DID IT!'

Pete with his 'medal of pain' :)

  • Number of contributors whom I don't even know: 8

  • Number of 'strangers' who signed my guestbook: 62

  • Encoruagement and support from others: countless

  • Finishing before the 70 y.o. man (Don Valentine) and the 9 y.o. girl: priceless :)

  • Thank You, Everyone!

    First of all, I want to give a very big Thank You to all of the generous contributors. I usually don't like to put people in the spot, but a generous friend of mine donated $1040! I'm speechless (is that possible?). CharityFocusAll of you have help the fundraising total to almost $2200. Which is $2200 more than I expected :) Heck, the fact that so many 'strangers' signed my guestbook and gave me words of encourgement alone made the run worth while. I cherish every words there. It's great to know that there are so many generous people out there who are willing to give and support CharityFocus and Pledgepage. I guess it just reflects the giving spirit of Charityfocus and Pledgepage. I was pleasantly suprised that some donations came from people whom I don't even know. WOW! That's something! Thank you all!
    My savior, Katrin, who helped me through the toughest stretch of the run.

    This has been an interesting experience. What started as a way to kill the time has turned into a quite an experience. The run was fun, but the journey itself is also memorable. The whole process, preparation and execution have left me with memorble memories. I'm still trying to summarize my thought on this experience...but it definitely has been very positive. BTW, like I have said all along, this run was not about me running a's about giving recognition to CharityFocus and Pledgepage for what they have done for others. So please take a few minutes to go and visit their sites, who knows what positive outcome may come of it.

    A lot of people made this run possible, it would take more pages to list them all. However, I would like to list a few (in no particular order) who are instrumental for the completion of my marathon.
    my training buddies...Ralph, Les, and me

  • Coach Ralph and his parents Coach Ela and Coach Les for letting me trained with them. I would've never gotten through the training, especially those long weekend runs, without them...thanks for the pizzas and lunches Coach Ela!

  • My parents for their support...even though they still think I'm crazy for doing it. :)

  • Star, our super pacer, who made running the race more fun. Unfortunately I wasn't able to keep up with the group, but I was able to get back to Motel 6 and checked out with 5 minutes to spare. :)
  • Katrin, for helping me during the toughest stretch of the run. Thanks for staying with me, even though it meant sacraficing your race time!

  • Nipun...I don't know what you wrote to get all of the 'strangers' to rally and support my run. Thanks! :)

    Like I said, I can't possibly list all the names, but I would like everyone to know that everything you did were instrumental in motivating me to finish the race. I appreciate very much what everybody has done.
    My coworkers got me this t-shirt and signed it. Go Sonics!

    Oh yeah, I was able to finish the race in one piece with the official time of felt shorter than that. You can check the result here, my bid number is 3015. Next time I will get it under 5 hrs. :)

    Thank you again for your support!